Who is Sexy Asian Man (S.A.M.)?

Born and based in NYC, Asian American songwriter and electronic producer Sexy Asian Man creates feel-good house music that puts the “dance” back in EDM. The name embodies self affirmation, constructive representation, and the timely call to say what must be said.

S.A.M.’s work ranges from brass-driven festival bangers that meld electronic and indigenous sounds, to mid-tempo beats with lush vocal harmonies and bouncing 808 basslines. He draws from his journeys in the hip-hop, house, and Latin dance scenes to craft experiences that electrify our bodies.

Whether through bombastic rhythms or heartfelt melodies, S.A.M.’s music drives forward just as he does: with self-assured cool and a joy for the moment. As a concept and as a person, S.A.M. lives by the belief that the only ideas that become actualized are the ones we express – we owe it to ourselves to bring out the best waiting inside us.